Regulatory compliant solutions for Tokenized Asset Offerings (Initial Coin Offerings as securities) and subsequent secondary trading.

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About Us

Templum will operate at the intersection of blockchain and digital assets in a regulated manner that facilitates transparent access to capital with a prioritization on investor protection. Our principals have many years of experience within the blockchain space, helping shape the innovative technology into a viable, scalable industry. They have leveraged this background to bring new mechanics to shape ICO’s as securities. These new mechanics can facilitate greater access to capital for innovative, growth companies while balancing investor protection, enabling job creation and adding to our general economic growth.

Templum entered into a strategic partnership and license agreement with its affiliate Liquid M Capital that will position Templum to be a leading fully regulatory compliant platform for the primary issuance of ICO's as securities and their secondary trading resulting in the creation of a new market infrastructure for digital assets.

Raise Capital

Issuers have the ability to launch a security token via a Tokenized Asset Offering in order to raise capital while being regulatory complaint.


"Templum has entered the ICO market at the ideal time when compliance and investor protection are top of mind for industry participants."

- Bart Stephens, Blockchain Capital Co-Founder

"Not only will Templum allow users to trade tokens on a secondary market, but it will allow them to issue new tokens through initial coin offerings (ICOs)."

- Coin Desk

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